small groups

Small Groups at The Feast of the Lord

We believe that deep change happens in the context of relationships. Small groups are a place to connect, to protect, and to grow. Our Feast of the Lord Small Groups quarter is from May 3— June 18, 2021.

Marriage Realities

Some people say marriage is “this” and some say marriage is “that.” What does the Bible really say about marriage? Why is marriage honorable? Why are married women called good things? How does marriage cause husbands to be favored by God?


Faithful & Fit

Getting off the couch to exercise isn’t easy, especially when you go at it alone. What are your health goals? How can someone else help you get there? It’s time now to change for the better— better in mind, soul, spirit, and body! Let’s all change together to become more faithful and fit!


Men on Fire (Men Only)

Many Bible characters were men who had close and personal relationships with God. What are the secrets of their successful lives? Why were they so bold? Why was God’s power displayed through their lives, even in their enemy’s presence? Let’s discover their hidden secrets.


Listening Party

Music is more than just clever lyrics with moving beat patterns. It’s emotional. It’s technical, and... it’s worship! What do your favorite songs say about you? We’ll share songs and personal perspectives— old and new.


Girls Night (virtual, girls only)

Girls are always looking for ways to better themselves, but at what cost? Do opinions make us change into who God is not pleased with? Can we be ourselves and still love ourselves? You can please God, be happy, and have fun.


Becoming (virtual, boys only)

We were all asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer is easier to give than it is to become. Discover the ways in which successful men, right in our community, became who God called them to be, so you can become the best at who God says you are to become.


Knitting Therapy (Women Only)

Sisters! Let’s stimulate and enhance our creativity with needles and yarn while sharing problem-solving wisdom and understanding through conversation in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.