small groups

Small Groups at The Feast of the Lord

We believe that deep change happens in the context of relationships. Small groups are a place to connect, to protect, and to grow. Our Summer Splash of Small Groups for 2024 is from May 27 - June 20.

Graceful Glow

"Graceful Glow" creates a faith-centered haven, merging beauty insights with spiritual growth. Engage in faith-based discussions while mastering hands-on makeup tutorials. Tailored for your unique beauty needs, explore skincare routines and versatile makeup techniques for diverse occasions. Uncover the connection between inner beauty, faith, and personal radiance.


The Courage to Connect: Breaking Through Barriers

In our disconnected world, The Courage to Connect provides a space to rediscover authentic dialogue. This small group guides participants to deeply listen, speak from the heart, navigate conflicts constructively, and build emotional intelligence, transforming everyday interactions into opportunities for growth and genuine human connection.


Prayer Warriors

This group is for people to develop a strong prayer life and their relationship with God. Prayer is a lifestyle and it’s important for you to experience amazing things with God, understand his will, the different types of prayers, and also understand how to get your prayers to be answered. Let’s make prayer a habit and experience a supernatural lifestyle.


Let the Games Begin! Soccer Small Group

Our small group places a strong emphasis on teamwork. We believe that learning together as a team is an essential skill that extends beyond the soccer field. Through collaborative drills, group activities and devotionals, we aim to instill the value of teamwork in every child. We want our young players to understand the importance of supporting and relying on each other to achieve common goals, in sports and in life.


Graceful Gatherings

The Art of Elegant Hosting and Home Charm. A transformative four week small group for women who want to master the elegant art of hosting. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere and memorable experiences for your guests. Refine your hosting skills, discover creative ideas and share in God's love of bringing people together in beautifully curated spaces.


The Christian Starter Pack

"The Christian Starter Pack" is an engaging and interactive small group designed to guide middle and high school students on their journey as new followers of Jesus. Through a mix of fun activities, discussions, and real-life applications, participants will explore the core principles of Christianity and learn how to live out their faith authentically. This group aims to provide a supportive community where young believers can grow spiritually and build lasting friendships.