small groups

Small Groups at The Feast of the Lord

We believe that deep change happens in the context of relationships. Small groups are a place to connect, to protect, and to grow. Our 2nd quarter of Small Groups for 2023 is from March 20- May 12.

Kingdom Fashion

You can dress with style, without compromising your faith! Let's get motivated with a fresh perspective on kingdom fashion to compel those we encounter to connect with us and hear the good news!


Shepherd Talk Bible Study

Jesus, being the Good Shepherd, shared private information with His disciples outside of highly attended congregational settings. Apostle Wall will also share intimate details God has given him that he cannot share in a Sunday morning sermon. As with all Small Groups, these Bible Studies will involve open discussion and will not be recorded or streamed.


Mental Heatlh

Jesus started his ministry teaching all that he encountered how to transform their mind, and empowered us with the Holy Spirit so that we can continue to encourage one another through Jesus Christ. Let's discuss mental health the way Jesus intended, and experience breakthrough like we haven't before.


Bibles and Basketball

Let's play bible basketball while learning about God's character. We'll discuss how to express the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day activities and become better basketball Players in the process


Young Praisers

Preschool will be introduced to different worship songs while enjoying movement and dancing that targets their fine motor skills.


Girls with Power

In the Bible, we can examine Moses and Jeremiah’s doubt about one's abilities and how God lovingly reassured His child, just as He is still doing today. In this small group, we will have honest conversations about self-esteem and discuss strategies to build confidence so our girls can fulfill God's purpose for their lives.


American Sign Language

Learn a new language, without writing or uttering a single word! American Sign Language is a natural language with a structure very distinct from spoken English. To show the hearing impaired the love of Christ, you'll learn to sign words, phrases, and complete sentences.